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T.A.R Transparent, I’m open and direct in all my conversations. Holding myself Accountable I take responsibility for my actions and disclose the results in a transparent manner where applicable. I always make sure I contact my clients if any issues arise making me Reliable to deal with.


Championing others including my competitors as there is plenty of room for everyone to be successful, even those that are in the same industry as me. Money aside, I care about what I do and if I can’t do what you want or need, I will try help you try to find someone who can.


Sunshine in boots Known for my quirks, I like to make people smile and spread joy. Always smiling and chipper I put people at ease whether you are working with me or not. I’m very approachable, even if I look a little crazy at times.


Unflappable I always keep a cool head no matter what the crisis. Which means I pretty much have something in stock for every occasion, which comes very handy for last minute gifts and cards.



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