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Covid 19 or Corona Virus

by Natalie - 17:32 on 30 April 2020

Covid 19 or Corona Virus

Whichever name you call it……… how is it making you feel?

Me ….personally

I think I am still living in a bubble!

Before all this kicked off properly, I was in hospital after having an operation. So in my mind I was prepared to be having time off work and not being able to do things as I



So when lockdown was implemented it didn’t make much difference to me. Luckily my other half is still working so doing the shopping etc. He then had to under take the shopping etc for my mum as she self isolated and I was laid up.

Hence living in a bubble

Since I’m still recovering I have only been on a couple of walks , taken my mum for a couple of hospital appointments and done one supermarket shop in person.

I have been supporting other small local businesses by shopping with them online and having it delivered.

I have spent my recovery days working on Charming Times, crafting, reading , meditating, watching tv, in the garden or greenhouse  and speaking to my mum on the phone daily. Its not the same as seeing her in person and having a hug but its safer for both of us.

I’m currently getting ready to  ease back into  work and can honestly say that 2020 will be a year to remember .

Good or bad?

I salute the NHS and other key workers that are keeping some of the cogs turning.

When this is all over and it will be. There will be a new normal, new heroes and many reasons to be thankful.

Some people and businesses won’t survive this, unfortunately not everyone can be saved, but memories are a powerful thing along with family and friendships.


So please stay safe, talk and keep in touch with someone.

Don’t be afraid  to reach out.


Love Natalie

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